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Festival Riga Craft Beer Weekend for open minded minds to enjoy beers from craft breweries from all around the globe in a relaxing atmosphere. Riga Craft Beer Weekend - a place where music, entertainment and traditional beverage in combined for you to paper your taste buds in a crazy taste marathon just after the New Year's holiday and explore the craft beer combination of exciting flavors, and emotions. The idea of Riga Craft Beer Weekend is to combine the music, entertainment and the traditional beverage in Latvia with the beer and taste in one place, allowing visitors not only to get to know the various types of craft, but also to get acquainted directly with representatives of producers, to hear their story about the origin of special beer varieties, the production process, meet like-minded people.

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Of The Riga Craft Beer Weekend 2020

webBrowar Rockmill
Browar Rockmill

It has been created to make only unique and original beers, brew in style, which are desired and impatiently awaited not only by beer experts but also by common beerlovers.

webThe Musketeers
The Musketeers

webAlus darbnīca “IndieJānis”
Alus darbnīca “IndieJānis”

I am a naughty brewer who don't give a fuck. No traditions, no standards, no rules.

webde Silly
de Silly

webViru Small Batch beer & Old Boy Mary Jane beers
Viru Small Batch beer & Old Boy Mary Jane beers

We look for the best beers to serve as a canvas for the cannabis inspired terpenes to create new substantial flavours with, to take the whole beer drinking experience to new highs

webAlus darbnīca “TEIKA”
Alus darbnīca “TEIKA”

Beer workshop TEIKA is a place where creative ideas appear and a free flight of taste lives. TEIKA Brewers create beer that is tasteful by itself and which can be admired by others. Beer workshop TEIKA respects tradition, but does it in its own way.


webAlus darītava “Labietis”
Alus darītava “Labietis”

Labietis brewery fuses modern brewing trends with ancient techniques resulting in beer that breaks conventions. Our beer is brewed not only with standard hops and malts but also with honey, wildflowers and hops, creating flavours that change the notion of


We brew a special beer. Its taste considerably differs from beer that is brewed at large standardized brewery works. Our favorite thing to do is to fit its mood.

webBrewery “Dundulis”
Brewery “Dundulis”

Trademark “Dundulis” has lately become well-known to those who follow the news of Lithuanian beer production. We often mix and match our innovative attitude with local ingredients. This allows us to create a unique portrait of the small Lithuanian brewer

webSesku alus darītava / Mūrbūdu sidrs
Sesku alus darītava / Mūrbūdu sidrs

We are real people who like real beer. Consequently, we also brew what we like. What fresh. What seasonal. What's new.

webBARDA alus
BARDA alus

The brewery offers to taste both traditional beer varieties and beer varieties to which we are not accustomed in everyday life.


webKokmuižas alus darītava
Kokmuižas alus darītava

In the years leading up to the First World War, Kokmuiža was renowned for brewing famous European beer styles that were extremely popular in lands afar. Harbouring a fond dream of someday rejuvenating the Kokmuiža Brewery,

webV1 Brewery
V1 Brewery

V1 is the speed after which the takeoff can no longer be stopped. The youngest craft brewery in Latvia.

webHypnos Brewery
Hypnos Brewery


webKussh brewery
Kussh brewery



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Riga Craft Beer Weekend 2020

Latvian Railway Museum

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